Setting Goals to Fuel Your Company’s Blogging Objectives

All that glimmers isn’t gold.

This little saying can do wonders for marketers intently following the metrics being generated by their company blog. But a lot of the data being created can be misleading. While it can give you a general sense of traffic conditions and customer habits, it may not be giving you enough information to feed into the sales process. And this step is vital, but it often needs to be initiated by experienced marketers who know the sort of numbers that indicate this.

By following the correct metrics, you can better create goals for your company’s objectives. Goals, of course, are a necessary tool to help keep a company on a set path. And they also offer a way to measure performance.

Before you can accurately set goals, you need to have a clear sense of the data that will govern your expectations. And for that, you’ll need to know which metrics to look for in particular. For more information on this topic, watch the video from OpenView Labs featuring Tom Johansmeyer of Inside Investor Relations.

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