PLG 123: Shopify goes DTC. Will they succeed?

May 15, 2020

Would you use a business version of Snapchat?

We are seeing a rise in asynchronous video communication, which is exactly what Snapchat v1.0 was built around (plus the disappearing feature).

Loom is clearly leading the charge on this trend today with >1M users, and the Sequoia Capital stamp of approval.

Now with the launch of Loom for iOS, I am seeing the Snapchat parallels even more given the mobile form factor.

The big question is what happens next?

Will Loom and its kin go full Snapchat and start popularizing the “stories” communication format for B2B?

Check out this week’s episode of the PLG 123 below for more on this, as well as big developments from Shopify and Notion.