Winning the Enterprise: How Skytap Quadrupled High-Quality Enterprise Sales Leads in Just Two Months

Last year, Skytap, a provider of on-demand cloud environments-as-a-service, decided to overhaul its go-to-market strategy. The company was looking to transition from a transactional sales model, which focused on small and mid-sized customers, to a model that would allow them to target larger enterprise clients.

While some growing pains were expected, Skytap had a lot on the line. Since 2013, the company had grown revenue by more than 100% year-over-year and, in 2014, it was listed among the fastest-growing tech businesses on Deloitte Technology’s Fast 500 list.

Kerry Ok“It’s not like something was broken and our only choice was to fix it. The business was doing extraordinarily well, but our leadership saw this transition as an enormous opportunity to strengthen our position in the market and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our sales and marketing.”

– Kerry Ok, Director of Marketing, Skytap

To help the Skytap team take advantage of the opportunity and roll out a major overhaul of the company’s go-to-market strategy, Skytap worked with OpenView Labs, OpenView’s consulting arm.

“Without OpenView’s team, I think the transition would have been a lot slower and a lot more painful. Their ability to guide us through every step of the process — from buyer persona research to the restructuring of our team and processes — was invaluable.”

With help from OpenView Labs’ Market Insight and Sales strategists, Skytap was able to pinpoint ideal buyer profiles and personas. They dramatically evolved their team and processes from an inbound-focused demand generation model to a full-blown outbound sales development operation.

The Results

In all of 2014, Skytap set eight Golden Appointments — meetings with VP or C-level executives at large enterprise companies. In the two months following OpenView’s on-site training, the newly-formed outbound BDR team set 36 of those appointments.

You can read the full Skytap Case Study here.

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