PLG 123: SNL Goes SaaS This Week With Zoom

Zoom did something crazy this week. 🤯

They made it into the big leagues by appearing on Saturday Night Live. I’ve only seen this once before with a business software company when Mailchimp got a short shoutout on a sketch parodying the original season of the Serial podcast (“mail-kimp” anyone?)

This time, Zoom is the sketch’s main character. 🎥

Or I guess maybe *you* are the main character, because the sketch is making fun of everyone awkwardly adapting to WFH.

Give the original sketch a watch on YouTube and lmk what you think.

But first…watch the PLG 123 for the hottest three tabs to hit the market this week:

  1. Cloudflare, Inc. makes its Teams product free and uses Calendly to engage with customers (just like Slack!)
  2. HubSpot analyzed 70k customers to find HUGE changes in B2B sales & marketing engagement during COVID-19.
  3. Live from Zoom, it’s Saturday night!

And don’t miss this week’s bonus tab! (spoiler alert: it’s not even about PLG 🙊).

Blake Bartlett
Blake Bartlett

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