Social Media Gives Everyone a Voice – How Do You Engage?

Earlier this year PR guru Brian Solis released Engage, his latest book on social media. This book has been referred to the bible of social media by bloggers such as Tanner Maluchnik and has received equal praise from Mark Cuban and Guy Kawasaki.

The rise of social media has truly leveled the playing field among expansion stage companies and bigger-named players. It helps accelerate an influence marketing strategy by providing the mechanism to truly interact and engage with people who matter most to your business. Earlier this week, Mashable blogger Samuel Axon wrote a post on numerous successes that small businesses have had within the past week!

I recommend reading the book to truly understand the best practices process for social media. Here is a prezi created by Solis about his book, Engage:

Engage on Prezi

Amanda Maksymiw
Amanda Maksymiw
Content Marketing Director

Amanda Maksymiw worked at OpenView from 2008 until 2012, where she focused on developing marketing and PR strategies for both OpenView and its portfolio companies. Today she is the Content Marketing Director at Fuze.
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