PLG 123: 3 Steps to a Successful PLG Business

April 29, 2020

Lucid passed $100M ARR. Miro raised $50M. It’s a good time to be canvas-y. 🎨

Lucid was originally described as “the canvas for the world’s ideas” but now has settled on the punchier “the visual workspace for teams.”

Miro is described as “the online collaborative whiteboard platform.”

In other news this week, Google announced that its Meet product now “supports 2 million new users each day” which shows that it’s not just Zoom who’s seeing a big uptick.

And even BlueJeans is cashing in on the WFH boom with a $500M sale to Verizon.

$500M sounds like a lot. Until you realize that it’s 1% of Zoom’s $50B market cap 😵😵😵

All that and more on this week’s PLG 123 below!