The CEO Imperative – Focus on the Few Things that Matter

March 15, 2010

As expansion capital investors, we are constantly coaching our CEOs on focus.

I had a virtual run-in with Aaron Ross. He was at where he was involved in building its inside lead prospecting process. He now runs a consulting firm that helps CEOs and management teams become more effective, and he also helps them build sales best practices process.

Here’s a couple of links to great posts about time management.

“My 10-Step Morning Personal Success Routine” has been the most popular PebbleStorm post so far. Aaron’s new post, “How Do You Design Your Week For Success? builds on that idea.

Here’s the link to the “10-Step Morning Personal Success Routine” post that’s been so popular.


The Chief Executive Officer

Firas was previously a venture capitalist at Openview. He has returned to his operational roots and now works as The Chief Executive Officer of Everteam and is also the Founder of <a href="">nsquared advisory</a>. Previously, he helped launch a VC fund, start and grow a successful software company and also served time as an obscenely expensive consultant, where he helped multi-billion-dollar companies get their operations back on track.