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The Differences Between Content Marketing and Traditional Advertising

January 21, 2011

What is the main difference between content marketing and traditional advertising?

Essentially, traditional advertising is all about grabbing your attention away from what you’re doing in hopes of achieving a predetermined outcome. Content marketing, however, is all about integrating into the overarching marketing strategy in order to achieve a desired outcome. In this sense, subtlety is key with content marketing. It’s like a fine-toothed comb, whereas traditional advertising is far more blunt and recognizable.

Why would someone use content marketing as opposed to traditional advertising? Because it can often accomplish much of what traditional advertising can, but without the stigmata that can be attached to traditional advertising at times.

Choosing between the two essentially boils down to application. Different strokes for different folks. For more on this topic, watch the full video from OpenView Labs featuring Joe Pulizzi.


Corey was a marketing analyst at OpenView from 2010 until 2011. Currently Corey is the Owner of <a href="">Prep Obsessed</a> and was previously the Marketing Manager at MarketingProfs.