The Types of Content that Supplement Early Stage Buying

Young companies looking to facilitate early stage buying processes should be relying on certain types of content more than others.

What does this mean? Engagement is paramount in the initial phases. If your content is long-form and mostly text-based, you may not be building engagement with the necessary rapidity. To overcome this, first, shorten up your content. And don’t limit yourself to sprawling written entries. Keep it short and sweet, when appropriate.

Another important step in your content marketing strategy should be to add audio and video to your campaign. By adding a podcast and a video series, you’re becoming more personable as a business. And this ties back into engagement, too, as a 60-second video can do wonders in this regard.

Your options are abundant when it comes to content. But making the choice can be just as difficult as the actual execution. In this case, there is a preferred method involved; so use short and diverse content to optimize buying as you grow to become an expansion stage company. For more information on this subject, watch the video from OpenView Labs featuring Joe Pulizzi.

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