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Sales Strategies: Communicating Your Unique Value Proposition

July 5, 2011

When a company first attempts to incorporate their value proposition into the sales process, it’s  a matter of trial and error.

So says author and sales strategist Dan Waldschmidt in this short video.

As Waldschmidt stresses, the value proposition is the elephant in the room. Or at least it should be. When you introduce it to your client, you must make it known. It needs to be clear that this is, above all else, what you can offer as a company that others can’t, he explains. For more on the value proposition, watch the video from OpenView Labs.

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Brendan worked at OpenView from 2011 until 2012, where he was an editor, content manager and marketer. Currently Brendan is the Vice President of Corporate Marketing at <a href="">Brainshark</a> where he leads all corporate marketing initiatives related to content, creative, branding, events, press and analyst relations, and customer marketing.