Webinar: 6 Sales Prospecting Tools that You Need to Start Using ASAP

At least once or twice a week I get the question, “what new technology can you recommend for my outbound prospecting and/or sales team to get more sales opportunities?”

And I’m not going to lie, sometimes this question is like nails on a chalkboard. Why? Because a lot of times the people who ask me for the hottest new tools and technologies to help their BDR team are really looking for a Band-Aid or a quick fix, rather than wanting to deal with the root problems with their team’s processes, methodologies, and messaging (or lack there of). I am going to give you and your team the benefit of the doubt, however. Of course you’ve read our eBook Get More Customers! (wink, wink — download it now if you haven’t) and you are definitely thinking about the fundamentals of launching and maintaining an outbound lead generation function. You rock. And because your rock, we are going to give you what you’ve been asking for: a live webinar on six prospecting tools that your BDR and/or sales team should be using when prospecting. And the best thing about our presentation: all tools that we are talking about are FREE so you don’t have to hassle your CFO to get some budget allowance. You are smart and economical — brownie points for you.

Free Webinar with Kyle Porter from SalesLoft

Join CeCe Bazar and me at 12pm EST on September 4th, as we team up with Kyle Porter of SalesLoft to discuss internet-based tools that sales and prospecting teams can use to boost their productivity.

Webinar: 6 Sales Prospecting Tools that You Need to Start Using ASAP

If you haven’t heard of Kyle Porter and/or Salesloft, we have a feeling you will be hearing A LOT more about them in the future. Smart guy on a smart team. Legit content. Awesome products for sales teams. The agenda for the 45 minute live session will include:

  • What free tools you can implement to enhance your prospecting efforts
  • Where and how to access these tools
  • The power of using internet data to boost your sales team’s performance
  • Live polls for our audience so you can better understand what your peers are saying on the topic
  • Best practices for how to successfully implement and integrate these tools into your prospecting process
  • …and of course, a 10-15 minute Q&A for questions that come up

Sign Up Today 

Don’t miss the chance to reserve your seat for this webinar! CeCe, Kyle, and I look forward to hosting this session for you and your team next week.  Webinar Registration Link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4388467918316733440

Update: Download the Presentation & Stay Tuned for Video of the Full Webinar

Thanks to everyone who attended the webinar on Wednesday! The response was fantastic. We were unfortunatley cut off short during the Q&A session, so we encourage anyone who wasn’t able to have their question addressed to follow up with us on Twitter: @kyleporter, @DevMcDee, and @howbazar. For those who missed it, you can download a PDF of the presentation and stay tuned for the full video of the webinar, which we’ll be making available on OpenView Labs.

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