Weekly Walk

Weekly Walk with Allison MacLeod, EVP Global Marketing at Flywire

April 10, 2020

I’m missing taking actual walks with people, so lets #tbt to the time I strolled through Boston on the coldest day of 2020 with Allison MacLeod, EVP, Global Marketing at Flywire. We talk about marketing in different geos/verticals and what that approach looks like, why the CMO role can be so challenging, and her other full-time job.

Partner at OpenView

Casey leads the end-to-end strategy & programming for OpenView’s network of industry experts, advisors & corporate partners. Her role is focused on creating connections between founders & their teams and the partners, advisors, board members & events they need to reach their goals. Additionally, she manages the OpenView portfolio peer networks and hosts the #WeeklyWalk series.