What Does Sales 2.0 Really Mean?

Customers are more proactive than ever when it comes to the sales process.

Within the Sales 2.0 paradigm, the customer dictates the conversation. They’re no longer waiting to be swooned by the perfect salesperson. They’re researching companies, seeing how their products compare to the competition and trying to identify the competitive advantages of doing business together.

As VP of sales at HubSpot Mark Roberge explains in this short video, this change is forcing salespeople and marketers to add more to the conversation. Specifically, they should be adding value. If they’re not improving the sales process directly — in measurable ways — they’re falling behind.

For more on how sales 2.0 is redefining the sales process, watch the full video from OpenView Labs.

Brendan Cournoyer
Brendan Cournoyer
Content Strategist

Brendan worked at OpenView from 2011 until 2012, where he was an editor, content manager and marketer. Currently Brendan is the Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Brainshark where he leads all corporate marketing initiatives related to content, creative, branding, events, press and analyst relations, and customer marketing.
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