Customer Success

What Makes an Effective Cold Contact?

June 8, 2011

Most executives have very little time to dedicate to intricately reviewing pitches.

You will need to create traction from the outset. In order to engage your reader effectively, you must have interesting content when you first make contact. Why? Because the time you will virtually have in front of an executive is limited.

Short emails in a conversational tone work best. And there’s no need to be purposefully boring. You must remember that you’re trying to grab the attention of your reader. Another straightforward tip? Don’t put questions in the beginning of your content. People tend to respond to the last thing you say, not the first.

Knowing what an effective content marketing strategy looks like lends itself well to cold contacts. Both require you to engage and deploy efficiently. For more on cold contact effectiveness, watch the video from OpenView Labs featuring Dan Waldschmidt.