2018 SaaS Benchmarks Report

Why Weekly Customer Service Reports Make Sense

Companies looking to maintain high levels of customer service will need to focus on real-time, daily, weekly and longer-term customer service metrics.

When it comes to weekly reporting, much of what needs to be accomplished deals with monitoring customer service over the course of the week and expectations for the future week. In this short video, Bill Price of Driva Solutions says that weekly meetings are integral to planning and executing customer service coverage.

Meetings allow you to monitor the health of your customer service and see exactly what’s going on with your customers (inquiries, issues, etc). Price says that a weekly meeting is important from a strategic standpoint because the bi-monthly or monthly meeting may leave too much of a gap to cover by the time the meeting rolls around.

For more on weekly customer service strategies, watch the full video from OpenView Labs.

Brendan Cournoyer
Brendan Cournoyer
Content Strategist

Brendan worked at OpenView from 2011 until 2012, where he was an editor, content manager and marketer. Currently Brendan is the Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Brainshark where he leads all corporate marketing initiatives related to content, creative, branding, events, press and analyst relations, and customer marketing.
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