Customer Success

Why You Should Care About Your Brand

August 3, 2010

What Does it Mean to Have a Brand?

In this video, Ellison Belt of Mojoloco, discusses what it means to have a brand. Integrated branding, he says, begins internally and moves externally. For instance, the logo would be an example of an external component. Infrastructure is key to a brand, and creative means can then be used to portray that brand to the public.

“Does your brand create such a good experience for me that I [would choose it when I] can get the same utility elsewhere for half the price?” asks Belt. Because utility, he explains, isn’t what matters. It’s the experience. And the brands that succeed are able to harness this and create unparalleled experiences for customers. They make it possible for a customer to disregard competitors because they’re offering a brand that can’t be matched.

Thus, having a polished brand can be a powerful tool for a business.