Will WinDroid Save HTC From Samsung?

October 11, 2013

Will Windroid Save HTC From Samsung?

HTC SamsungLast week I talked about some of the fallen giants of the Tech industry and their gradual decline. This week, I want to highlight HTC and their seemingly slow move towards irrelevance.

HTC was an early adopter of the Android platform in 2007 and quickly rose to success as the world’s 4th largest handset maker. HTC phones were known for their quality and design.

In 2010, Samsung decided to enter the fray. Armed with their enormous resources, they took aim by grabbing shares from HTC, a much smaller competitor. Samsung released a dizzying array of products, including the well known Galaxy line of smartphones.

Samsung has gained considerable traction over the years, and now stand as Apple’s head to head competitor.

Similar to BlackBerry and Nokia, HTC is on the path to irrelevance in the mobile space. The company has begun to slowly fade into obscurity and, if left unchecked, failure. When going up against a industry stalwart like Samsung, HTC has far fewer choices than an industry giant like Apple.

However, HTC may have a few tricks up its sleeve. According to a TechCrunch article, HTC is considering offering phones with a dual boot option of Windows Phone or Android.

What Are the Benefits of an HTC and Android or Windows Partnership?

1) Increases HTC’s Appeal to a Broader Audience

Android is incredibly popular, but in certain countries Windows Phone is also gaining considerable traction. This move may broaden the customer segments that HTC  appeals to as the Windows Phone grows.

2) Creates a “Cool Image”

Apple definitely has the “cool” factor going for it. But a dual boot phone may prove attractive to tech savvy consumers who enjoy the the expanded capabilities of the phone.

3) Secures Partnership with Microsoft

Microsoft is cash rich and desperate to grow their share of the smartphone space. A small company like HTC wouldn’t be able to muster the resources a Microsoft can.

4) Low Risk

Building a WinDroid is a low risk move for HTC. Microsoft has even offered to waive the licensing fees if HTC builds the WinDroid. Unlike Nokia, HTC already has established them as a bona fide Android Smartphone maker. They have little to lose by taking up Microsoft on their offer.

What do you think? Is HTC better served focusing on Android? Let us know in the comments section below!

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