How to Win Deals and Drive Sales Performance in 2014

How to Win Deals and Drive Sales Performance in 2014

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Companies spend $9 billion on sales contests every year to motivate and inspire sales team performance. Yet, according to a recent report from CSO Insights, more than half of sales reps are not making their quotas.

Oh, you didn’t? That’s okay — we have the inside scoop!

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Rebecca MacDonald

OpenView is in search of the reason why and we are teaming up with Hoopla’s VP of Marketing, Rebecca MacDonald to explore why traditional methods of motivating sales reps often fail. We’ll also show how industry-leading companies like ConnectAndSell, emedia, Glassdoor, and Zillow are using modern game mechanics to build high-performance teams that deliver consistent, winning sales results.

If you were able to join us on our last webinar, Show Me the Money: Compensation Plans that Won’t Fail, you learned about the importance of allocating a specific amount of a sales rep’s bonus for motivational programs. Now that you have those funds set aside, how exactly are you going to motivate your team toward success?

Sales Spiffs and Contests Proven to Work

One of the most commonly asked questions we hear on the OpenView sales and marketing support team is, “What spiffs and contests have other portfolio companies used to engage their reps and drive better results?” On Wednesday, December 18th at 12pm EST we have the answer that you might just be looking for:

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Why engagement really matters
  • Why old school “contests” no longer appeal to sales reps
  • What tactics you can deploy to re-energize your sales force and drive sales performance in 2014

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About Hoopla

Here in the Labs we are using Hoopla to motivate the portfolio business development teams working out of our incubation space.

Hoopla’s award-winning SaaS application leverages data analytics, game mechanics and the latest research in motivational psychology to help managers create highly compelling employee engagement programs that drive real business results. Built with high-performance organizations in mind, Hoopla offers much more than points and badges. With Hoopla, you get the key features you need to focus, energize and motivate your team around your key business goals.


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