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March 22, 2010

Last week, I posted a blog entry titled, “Don’t be That Girl,” discussing the unconscious, self-defeating things that women do in the workplace that often hold them back from “getting the corner office,” or from being promoted within their company.

After reading my post, a friend and former co-worker of mine, Alanna Tweedy, sent me a link to a website that she thought was relevant to the topic of women being successful in the workplace: This site, created by Donald Trump’s “Apprentice” participant, Carolyn Kepcher, serves as a great resource for women who are looking for work-related advice.

In a recent article posted by a Work Her Way expert under the category “Stay in the Game”, Alexandra Levit gives advice on how to deal with angry people in a call center environment. She writes:

“Even if your ears are burning, try not to revert to these common but ineffective responses:

‘Calm down’ – this is bound to elicit the response “Don’t tell me to calm down!”

‘That’s not my fault’ – whether true or not, the angry customer will not appreciate hearing you deny responsibility. He is looking for your help.

‘You’re way out of line’ – needless to say, this will just make the situation uglier.

‘If you just hold on, I’ll transfer you to-‘ – this lack of urgency and personal ownership will just irritate her more. She wants YOU to come up with an action plan NOW.

The point is worth repeating. Remain calm. People don’t want to argue with themselves. Empathize with her problem and try not to take accusations personally, even if they are directed specifically at you. Show that you’re eager to do whatever it takes to remedy the situation, and then follow through. You’ll derive some satisfaction from the fact that you turned an unhappy customer’s day around, and plus you won’t have to explain to your manager why you got into a screaming match on the phone, or risk losing the client.”

Incredible – a Reality TV star is actually doing something worthwhile! Thank you Carolyn Kepcher for bringing inspiration to women everywhere who are looking to have a corner office of their own one day!