Customer Success

Your Content and Social Media Must Live in Harmony

May 5, 2011

When your content marketing strategy and your social media campaign are disjointed, you’re putting forth a less-than-attractive image of your company.

Your readers will immediately notice that there is a lack of harmony. But more importantly, they’ll be compelled to not return to your site, Twitter page or similar location because there’s nothing of interest to them there. Your content is what can motivate potential customers and readers to take interest in your sites. If it’s lacking or misguided, you will be unable to use it in this productive manner.

How is this overcome? Simple. Improve the quality of your content and focus it on your audience. If you’re trying to sell a car, you’re not going to sing the praises of public transportation. Similarly, make sure that your content is aligned with your message.

It takes know-how and persistence to shape your content in the way you see fit. Reaching this milestone, however, means that you now have a powerful asset to leverage as part of your operations. For more information on this topic, watch the video from OpenView Labs featuring Joe Pulizzi.