Content We Love: Looking Back at 2018’s Best PLG Insights

February 14, 2019

Every year we go to great lengths to deliver the best content from the leading minds in software. We publish five times a week, every single week of the year. That means we’re delivering more than 250 pieces of content to our community on topics ranging from sales and product to pricing, marketing, recruiting and much more.

Last year, we placed a special emphasis on product led growth (PLG). PLG is a go-to-market strategy that underpins some of today’s most successful businesses including Atlassian, Dropbox and Expensify. Companies with a product led growth (PLG) strategy exhibit unique financial and operating characteristics like rapid scalability, economic efficiency and outsized investment in technology that enable them to grow at more efficient rates.

We know that much of our community doesn’t have time to catch up on every single PLG article, so we compiled our favorites from 2018.

Read on below and let us know your favorite piece!

BUILD: The Product Led Growth Edition
We released our second BUILD book with real-life examples of how leading SaaS companies have successfully implemented PLG strategies across acquisition, conversion and success. The book features in-depth advice from leaders at HubSpot, Intercom, Lucidchart, Mixmax, Typeform, ZipRecruiter, Zendesk and more.

Product Led Growth: The Secret Behind Some of Today’s Fastest Growing SaaS Companies
Many of today’s fastest-growing SaaS companies utilize product led growth as their go-to-market strategy. OV Founder, Scott Maxwell, explains the background of PLG and if this go-to-market strategy is right for your business.

Is Your Product Right For Product Led Growth?
A product led growth strategy is behind the rise of many of the biggest SaaS companies (think Slack, Expensify and HubSpot). But is a PLG strategy right for your startup? Find out here.

The Product Led Growth Market Map
We developed the PLG Market Map to illustrate the breadth and dynamism of PLG’s powerful growth strategy. The Market Map shows us that PLG is being adopted across all product categories, from developer tools to finance applications to enterprise-grade solutions. The most mature companies have built a flywheel where their product is acting as the primary driver of user acquisition, conversion and expansion. Is your company featured? Find out!

The Ultimate Product Led Growth Resources Guide
OpenView’s Kyle Poyar presents an inclusive guide featuring the best resources available to help you execute a successful product led growth strategy.

Inner Workings of Product Management at Product Led Growth Companies
Product is at the epicenter of everything a product led growth (PLG) company does. So how does the product organization and its PMs need to adapt? Find out.

What I Learned From OpenView’s Product Led Growth Summit
We hosted our second annual Product Led Growth Summit in SF last spring (and it was bigger and better than ever). Read this article for key learnings and insights from product led leaders. And keep an eye out for the announcement of this year’s event!

Product Led Growth: The Secret to Becoming a Top Quartile Public Company
Based on analysis from OpenView, it’s clear that public product led growth companies outperform their non-PLG counterparts. Learn more in the PLG Index.

Product Led Growth Maturity Calculator
Grade your product led growth strategy for free with this interactive quiz and learn how your PLG strategy compares to that of your peers.

The 5 Pillars for Product Led Growth Using Product Qualified Leads (PQLS)
Ready to transition away from the traditional MQL model and adopt product led growth with product qualified leads? We tell you how here.

2018 Expansion SaaS Benchmarks
Each year we publish the latest Expansion SaaS Benchmarks, a report aimed that takes a look at what does and doesn’t work when it comes to efficiently growing a SaaS company. We placed special emphasis on the explosion of product led growth – a go-to-market strategy that underpins some of today’s most successful businesses including Atlassian, Calendly and Expensify.