A Satisfied Customer (Candidate-Turned-Hire)

As a recruiter, it’s always a good practice to follow up with someone you place. Recently, I had a conversation with Will Borger, who started in December 2010 as an Account Executive at Intronis, one of OpenView Venture Partners’ portfolio companies. I asked Will what the transition was like from an enormous industry leader in private education, to Intronis, an expansion stage start-up specializing in online back-up and recovery solutions. The environment has proven ideal for Will, who feels that at larger companies more disconnect exists between manager and employee. Because managers communicate and interact so closely with team members at Intronis, strong relationships have formed, fostering a more positive atmosphere in the office. 

Now in his own element, Will feels that employees are constantly building off each other’s energy which “has led to continuous success!” Although he has worked there for only two months, Will can already see that Intronis is “making a bigger footprint on the market each day” and he feels “a true sense of accomplishment leaving the office each night”. Even before Will interviewed, I knew he was the perfect fit for the organization. Not only did he possess strong sales skills paired with solid technology knowledge, but Will also had a level of energy and a passion to learn, traits desired by any business development team. As 2011 promises to be another prolific year for Intronis (50% growth in 2010), I hope to come across more people like Will Borger as the search for quality Account Executives continues.

Victor Mahillon
Victor Mahillon
Director of Recruiting

Victor Mahillon is the Director of Recruiting at Kamcord. Previously he was a Talent manager at OpenView.
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