Sales Metrics for BDRs and Account Executives

October 7, 2014

Monitoring the right sales metrics is vital for your sales team’s performance and development. Tracking the wrong metrics, meanwhile, can be distracting at best and detrimental at worst. So which should you be focusing on?
We asked Emmanuelle Skala, VP of Sales at Influitive, to share the metrics she looks at for both business development reps (BDRs) and account executives (AEs).

Sales Metrics for BDRs and Account Executives

Key Takeaways

  • Keep it simple. Measure BDRs on SQOs (Sales Qualified Opportunities). While it often pays to keep things basic, beyond this obvious metric Skala also recommends diving into leading indicators that can give you a better understanding of which reps are excelling and which ones need help before it’s too late. For example: knowing that in order to get x number of meetings, BDRs need to have a certain number of connects, dials, touches, etc.
  • For AEs, it’s all about pipeline. It starts with how many new opportunities are getting added into the pipeline every week, but in addition to the quantity of the pipeline, Skala also recommends analyzing the distribution and conversion.

Photo by: Jonah G.S.

VP Sales & Customer Success

<strong>Emmanuelle Skala</strong> is VP Sales & Customer Success at <a href="">DigitalOcean</a>. Previously, she was the VP of Sales at Influitive and frequent guest contributor on various sales topics at OpenView. As an “off the chart extrovert” she has always loved being in front of a crowd, engaging with customers and building teams. She has managed all facets of sales from Inside, Enterprise, Channel, Ops and Enablement. When Emanuelle is not selling you can find her enjoying time with her husband and 3 daughters, running, or sweating out all the toxins in a hot yoga class.