Infographic: Do You Have a High-Impact Board of Directors?

OpenView recently surveyed an array of expansion-stage CEOs and board members to find out what it takes to create a value-adding board. The results are presented in this board of directors infographic, offering real insight into what makes high-performing boards tick.

 Board of Directors Infographic: Do You Have a High-Impact Board of Directors?
Does your board add value to your company or do more harm than good? Does it suffer from bad board dynamics or is it a cohesive, high-performance team? No matter how you answer these questions, chances are that your board isn’t doing everything that it should be and providing your company with the kind of strategic support it needs to succeed.
Earlier this year, OpenView examined the role of boards of directors and how expansion-stage CEOs can get the most out of them in our eBook, Building a High-Impact Board of Directors: A Guide for Expansion-Stage CEOs.
In addition to leveraging our considerable experience working with entrepreneurs like you to navigate the challenges of building and managing the kind of board of directors companies need at the expansion stage, the eBook also examines the results of a recent OpenView survey of dozens of CEOs and board members at companies just like yours.
The goal of the survey was to get insight into their views on points such as:

  • the value that a great board of directors can bring
  • the ways in which bad boards can cause the most harm
  • the most influential factors in determining whether or not a board is successful

We have compiled some of the most interesting insights from that survey into the board of directors infographic below.
If you are the CEO of an expansion-stage company, this is information that you cannot afford to miss. Take a minute to view the full board of directors infographic and to download your free copy of the eBook.

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Building a High-Impact Board of Directors: A Guide for Expansion-Stage CEOs

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Firas Raouf
Firas Raouf
The Chief Executive Officer

Firas was previously a venture capitalist at Openview. He has returned to his operational roots and now works as The Chief Executive Officer of Everteam and is also the Founder of nsquared advisory. Previously, he helped launch a VC fund, start and grow a successful software company and also served time as an obscenely expensive consultant, where he helped multi-billion-dollar companies get their operations back on track.
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