What Is Expansion Stage?
I frequently get asked the question "What is expansion stage?" From a high level perspective, if early stage is when...
by Scott Maxwell
Startup Strategy
Avoiding the Train to Crazy
My first OpenView blog! This is exciting - almost as exciting as expansion stage venture capital :) So...going into this...
by Kobie Fuller
Startup Strategy
The New "Great" means "Less Bad"
As I talk to venture capital investors, expansion stage companies, and others in my growth equity network, I am hearing...
by Scott Maxwell
Startup Strategy
Baby Steps: Passion
Let's take a step back seeing that this is my first entry. I'll start with what has been most obvious...
by Peter Zotto
Startup Strategy
An answer to my Crazy
For the past 23.5 years, I have been haunted with two age-old questions; "What do you want to be when...
by Jillian Mirandi
Startup Strategy
Denominator for Growth
Looking back on my days at Microsoft, one thing that stood out for me was their uncanny ability to break...
by Mark Barry
Startup Strategy
A Switch to Boston Venture Capital - But I Still Think Waltham Matters...
After growing up in a small NH town, population - 4,000 - I realized shortly into my high school career that in...
by kelliestacey
Startup Strategy
Where's the Ethical Line for a CFO?
This past week, one of my former employees asked my advice on how to best handle a sticky situation with...
by Cynthia Mignogna