Customer Success

Customer Support Strategies at Expansion-Stage Companies

July 5, 2012

One of the departments that many expansion-stage companies might be slow to build-out is customer support, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important to establish early.

“While systems don’t have to be as sophisticated as at a much larger organization, it’s still important to synchronize operations in your company,” says customer service and experience veteran Bill Price. In this short OpenView video Price argues that while there are many different systems to consider implementing at the expansion stage, one of the most critical is customer satisfaction (CSAT) measurement and management, “an active system that prompts and encourages customers to provide feedback after interactions, resolution of issues, after sales calls, etc.” By having a system in place that actively solicits, pulls, and transmits information on to management, expansion-stage companies can implement crucial iterations to its product and/or service.

For more customer support strategies, watch the full video.


<strong>Bill Price</strong> is a Partner at <a href="">Antuit</a>, a Big Data predictive analytics company. founded <a href="">Driva Solutions</a>, a customer service consultancy, in September 2001. He also co-founded the 10-country LimeBridge Global Alliance and the 33-company Global Operations Council (GOC). Prior to forming Driva Solutions, Bill was’s first Vice President of Global Customer Service. He is currently a senior advisor for OpenView and its portfolio companies.