The Day I Stopped Making Cold Calls

The Day I Stopped Making Cold Calls

The day I stopped making cold calls was the day that I met sales expert and author, Jeff Hoffman. Yes, I was calling people who were not within my immediate circle or inbound to my company. However, once I started taking Jeff’s advice, the quality of my business conversations skyrocketed and leads were far more receptive to me reaching out.

Why Stop Making Cold Calls?

As one MIT Sloanie put it, “The one hour session I saw with Jeff, was the most productive hour I have spent in business school thus far.”

Jeff’s fresh approach to sales flips the traditional paradigm of buyer/seller on its head. He is the creator of the Why You? Why You Now?™ sales program, where he uses a blend of customization, formula, and tactics to engage key prospects.

Jeff is not just a person, he is a verb. After implementing his strategies, I knew I wasn’t simply selling anymore. I was “Hoffman-ing” prospects, and everyone was benefiting from the results. And the great news is, you can too!

How Can You Stop Cold Calling?

Want to learn how you and your sales or prospecting team can warm up prospects prior to connecting live? We have the answer.

OpenView Labs is teaming up with Jeff Hoffman to present:

Getting Attention in 15 seconds: How to Turn any Cold Call into a Warm One

Wednesday, October 30th
12-12:45 pm EST

In this webinar, Jeff will cover prospecting and sales best practices that will boost your productivity and harness the power of momentum selling.
In under one hour you will learn:

  • How to get your prospects attention in under a minute
  • Why your cold calling techniques don’t work
  • How to turn your cold calls into warm leads

At the end of the day, activity determines greatness in sales. Jeff empowers sales reps to convert a territory of possibilities into a continual flow of leads. He has mastered effective management of the pipeline so that you can yield massive results.

What are you waiting for?

Register Now

About Jeff

jeff hoffmanA renowned sales executive and entrepreneur, Jeff Hoffman has consulted with industry leaders throughout the world on the topics of sales, sales management, and sales operations. The author of Your SalesMBA™, Why You? Why You Now?™, and The Seven Basho Strategies™ sales training programs, Jeff has delivered sold-out presentations to thousands.

In addition to his corporate work with F500 sales executives around the globe, he also inspires future leaders studying in business schools like Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan School of Management, Wharton, and Cornell.

For a sneak peek into Jeff and the webinar, check out this video on his Why You? Why You Now?™ emails:

What has been your experience with cold calling? Let us know in the comments section below!

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