Behind HubSpot’s Sales Playbook

August 27, 2014

Building out your sales enablement resources? Find out what goes into HubSpot’s sales playbook, and the discover the keys behind their ongoing training and development for reps.

A key tool for any sales organization, making a solid sales playbook available to reps is especially crucial for teams that are rapidly scaling. Not only can it help boost individual rep performance by providing best practices, it can also ensure you maintain that all-important consistency in your sales process even as your team expands and evolves.
So how do you put together the perfect playbook? HubSpot Director of Training and Development Andrew Quinn describes how the process worked for his team and even allowed them to get more organized around sales rep development and promotion.

Behind HubSpot’s Sales Playbook

Key Takeaways

  • Start with the buying journey. Isolate the different steps a prospect needs to take along the path to purchase and start developing tips and recommendations for how reps can help move the prospect forward from one step to the next.
  • It’s not a script. Don’t get bogged down providing reps with a script of exactly what they’re supposed to say. Instead, concentrate on providing reps with conversation points they can use to open up the discussion.
  • Revisit and update your playbook early and often. Make a habit of regularly revising your playbook to reflect feedback, changes, and best results.
  • Have a certification process set up to give your reps a development track. The team at HubSpot took it one step further by developing scorecards reps could be graded against for mastering each step in the buying process. Once they passed one stage they could move on to the next, working their way from initial lead discussions to closing.

Photo by: AJ Guel

Director of Training and Development

Andrew is the Vice President-Learning and Development at <a href="">HubSpot</a>. Andrew is known for his uncanny ability to train and coach world class salespeople. He is responsible for making sure HubSpot’s sales and services teams are as sharp when it comes to selling and supporting the HubSpot software.