Improving the Effectiveness of Your Voice Mails

People in sales often feel that leaving a voice mail is a fruitless endeavor.

Ultimately, they believe that their calls aren’t going to be returned and that a follow-up call will be necessary. Instead of leaving a voice mail, they just call back later. But in this video, the argument is made that it’s not the process of leaving a voice mail itself that’s flawed, but the content within those voice mails.

Here are some tips to boost the effective of your voice mails:

  • Make sure that your voice mails don’t exceed 30 to 45 seconds. This will focus your call and prevent you from rambling.
  • Give people a reason to return your call. Make sure you include a value proposition to entice them to give you a return call.
  • Don’t give away your entire approach. This will prevent you from revealing the crux of your pitch. That way, you still have something left to talk about when you receive your return call.

Practice makes perfect. Polish up on all these tips once you’ve implemented them to ensure that you’re leaving high-quality voice mails.

Contributing Author

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