More Social Media Monitoring Tools

March 16, 2010

Last year, I wrote a blog post about corporate brand management, where I discussed some tools that help a brand marketer manage their brand across different media. The new development in this space is the appearance of many social media monitoring tools, which purportedly help simplify the process of tracking blog mentions, tweets as well as facebook likes around a corporate brand. My colleague Amanda Maksymiw, who is responsible for our content market strategy practice, also talked about brand monitoring in the age of social media, in a great series of articles: here and here.

To add to this list of great resources, I just found yet another few helpful articles on social media monitoring tools to use:

WebWorker Daily just published a more up-to-date round up of these tools:
It is fascinating to see the growth of this sector in recent years, and as an expansion stage growth venture capital fund, we are very interested in finding companies that address this market in a unique way, that have an attractive business model and that are looking for a partner to help them get to the next level. At OpenView Partners, we are more than happy to find market innovators and status quo disrupters.

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