Recruiting+: OpenView’s Talent Team Members Are More Than Recruiters

Recruiting+: OpenView's Talent Team Members Are More Than RecruitersOpenView has a unique model. As many of you know, we are a venture capital firm investing in expansion-stage companies with a consulting arm that works with these companies post-investment. We coordinate various projects to help grow their customer base and company as a whole. As part of that we have a full team of recruiters.
Primarily, our job is to work directly with the hiring teams at the portfolio companies to make high-impact hires. But we are so much more than recruiters…

Recruiting+: How Our Talent Team Helps the Portfolio

First off, we’re not just sourcers. In addition to sourcing, screening, and pushing candidates through the process (all the things a typical recruiter does), we also:

  • Advise portfolio companies on how to hire for certain key roles.
  • Build and manage programs like our:
    • University Recruiting Program
    • Executive Network
    • Woman’s Network
  • Continue to think of new and innovative ideas to expand our skill sets and our impact.

As far as sourcing goes, we:

  • Work on any key role ranging from entry-level sales to VP of Engineering and C-Suite level.
  • Work directly with the hiring manager to guide the search in order to make the right hire with a sense of urgency.
  • Typically work on 4-5 searches with different portfolio companies in different cities at any given time.

What Sets Recruiting at OpenView Apart

Our team has the unique benefit of getting the best of both worlds within the recruiting realm. We are able to work on multiple roles with multiple companies, just as you would in an agency, but without the sales aspects to the role. On the flip side, we also have the ability to see the search through from beginning to end, working directly with the hiring team and then watching the impact our hire makes. That’s something you might find in a corporate role, but without the monotony of working with one company.

Meghan Maher
Meghan Maher
Senior Talent Manager, Engineering

Meghan Maher is Senior Talent Manager, Engineering, actively recruiting top talent for OpenView and its Portfolio Companies. Her tech background has helped OpenView hire for nearly 20 IT and engineering positions. Meghan began her career at AVID Technical Resources, where she was a Technical Recruiter for two years.
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