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Meet the Pets of OpenView

December 21, 2020

Back in March, we temporarily closed our office in Boston and became a fully remote team overnight. Though we all miss being in the office together, our pets are really happy to have us home all day.

During Zoom calls, it’s not uncommon to see a pup dart across the background or a cat walk directly in front of someone’s screen—and having our furry (and scaled!) pals in the workplace has become an unexpected new way for us to connect even more with each other.

Meet the pets of OpenView:


Lulu can’t believe that her mom has an actual job and isn’t able to play all day! She loves to nibble on toes and trick her parents into giving her unlimited treats.
–Chelsea Kunin, Executive Coordinator


My name is Annabelle. I love cuddling, going for walks, laying in the sun during the summer or next to a wood stove in the winter! I really like playing with my friends at dog parks after work—maybe I’ll see you there one day!
–Allie Banks, Executive Coordinator


Favorite things to eat include (but are not limited to): socks, furniture (the more expensive the better), peanut butter, cactuses, rugs
–Khira Gabliani, Investor


We had a very strict rule: no dogs on the couch. Oops.
–Kyle Poyar, VP of Market Strategy


My cookie consumption has increased dramatically due to Mom being home. This is not good for my summer figure. P.S. My mom says I look like Dobby the House Elf because of my ears and sock paw!
–Shannon Maguire, Accountant 


Luna is about as boring as they come, but we love her very much. She is incredibly resilient—some days she goes without food, other days she gets way too much (poor family communication—working on it), and she often has a cloudy bowl. Luna can teach us all a little something about how to live your best life while in isolation: Just keep swimming.
–Devon McDonald, Partner

Olive and Ozzy

When people say “Oh, my cat is more like a dog than a cat,” they’re referring to the attitudes of these snooty girls. They’re not fazed by all of this “work from home” nonsense.
–Sam Richard, Director of Growth

Franny and Harvey

My home office is really just a desk that I put in my dogs’ nap room.
–Kristin Hillery, Senior Content Manager


Her name is Stacey and she’s beautiful. She likes long walks in the sunshine and catching sticks in her leaves.
–Kate Murdock, Investor


Marcella is an expert at: clearing a room when she wants to, stealing socks, sitting sideways (pictured here) and NOT practicing social distancing.
–Alex Quiñones, Senior Manager, Investment Operations


Likes: Boxes of any kind, the 2am zoomies and food.
–Ellie D’Amelio, Talent Manager

Baby Suede

Likes: eating carbs, my own reflection, compliments, anything that makes a crinkly sound
Dislikes: people (except for my mother), all cats, doorbells, too many other things to list.
Fun fact: I was the runt of the litter and the animal shelter called me “Smoosh Face” when i was born. Look at me now!
–Sarah Duffy, Director of Talent 


I’m almost four. I have two frequent flyer programs and love flying; it’s like a spa day! I eat wild-caught salmon with my dry food and organic snacks only. My dad likes to think I understand French… not one word actually! Oh, I can instinctively find my way to two places in the neighborhood: Polkadogs and Stella (Dad! I can see you through the window!)
–Gildas Dousset, Experience Manager


At five pounds, do you think I have any idea what social distancing means? Heck no. I’m being held 90% of the time. My favorite part about having Casey at home is that I get to sit on her lap all day. Sometimes I even get to join her Zoom meetings—that’s the best part!
–Casey Renner, VP, Executive Network

Boo and Scout

I’ve been social distancing pretty much my entire life. I don’t like adults, loud noises, children or puppies (they are pretty much the same to me), fast movements, or skateboards. If you insist on giving me a treat, please make it organic and gluten free, place it six feet in front of me, and back away very slowly. Thanks.
–Caitlin Bolnick, Investor

If you insist on addressing me, please refer to me as Lord Scout. I spend the majority of my days scheming to remove Boo from the household, but to-date none of my master plans have come through. I’m open to suggestions.
–Caitlin Bolnick, Investor


Likes: Holding hands, playing fetch, eating dust, zooming fast and drifting on the hardwood floors.
Dislikes: Not being the center of attention, the loud robot my mom pushes over the rug
Fun fact: Noodle has a small but loyal Instagram following.
–Meg Johnson, Multimedia Marketer


“Why is everyone home?”
–Amanda Walker, Senior Talent Manager

Walter and Moose

Likes: being extremely furry, keeping mom/dad in shape by running out the door and immediately down 4 flights of stairs in a walk-up apartment building
Dislikes: we know we are furry and prone to hairballs, but if you even *think* about brushing us, we will unleash wrathful vengeance upon you and everyone in your family.
Fun fact: Walter’s ragdoll software has a serious bug in it—he hates being held.
–Blake Bartlett, Partner


Now that we’ve shown you our pets, will you show us yours? Share your best photos with us on Twitter and make our day.

Editor’s note: This post was first published in April 2020 and was updated with even more cute animals in December 2020.

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