Portfolio Spotlight: Meet Kareo VP of Sales Amyra Rand

May 21, 2014

Amyra Rand, VP Sales at KareoLast November Kareo brought on a new kickass VP of Sales: Amyra Rand. With 15 years of software experience, Amyra brings a passion for customer experience and a proven track record of building and managing world class sales teams that deliver results. We had the opportunity to meet Amyra last week at OpenView’s VP of Sales Workshop and talk to her about her decision to join Kareo, her special connection to small businesses, and the top quality she looks for in a new sales hire.
What made you particularly excited about taking on your new role and joining Kareo?
That’s a tough call really — there was so much to be excited about. First, to serve and help small medical practices. It’s hard not to get excited about helping a segment of customers that is first-hand responsible for the health and well being of the people we love most. Second, Kareo is approaching the market differently than any of their competitors, and you can just feel that something big is right around the corner…the energy is palpable.
You have a special connection to small business owners — what is one of the things that’s rewarding about working with them? Do you have any keys for how to really connect and resonate?
Small business owners are wearing 20 different hats. They are usually not experts in things like practice management, billing, human resources, accounting, etc. — they are experts in whatever the business does. All of these other things they have to do actually get in the way of them being able to do what they’re best at, and why they started their business in the first place. For example, our doctors did not go to school to run a business, they went to school to practice medicine. As someone looking to help them if you can remember that you’re one step ahead of the game.
Prior to Kareo, you helped HireRight grow its SMB segment business by 400 percent. What was one of the secrets to your success?
Creating a culture around delivering an exceptional customer/prospect experience was one of the many impactful things we did. That included being the first to respond to a prospect inquiry/lead, understanding the needs of our customers better than our competition, and finding opportunities to educate our prospects every chance we could.
What’s a top quality you look for in a new sales hire?
It goes without saying you want someone who has a passion for winning, who is playing high stakes in sales. Combine that with someone who is naturally inquisitive and interested in learning and you’ve found something special. The better a sales person is at understanding and learning about their prospective customer’s business and challenges, the more unique opportunities they will have to add value and differentiate.

Want to work with Amyra and the Kareo team?

Speaking of hiring, Kareo is growing like crazy and looking to add to its stellar sales roster. Do you have what it takes to make an impact? Check out their open positions and apply!