Run Your Best Marketing Campaign of the Year with the SalesLoft Prospector Tool

SalesLoft Prospector Tool

What You Might Have Missed

Two weeks ago, my colleague CeCe Bazar and I co-hosted a webinar with Kyle Porter of SalesLoft. If you have haven’t checked out the presentation on 6 Free Prospecting Tools yet, I urge you to check out the slides or watch a recording of the webinar here.

You’ll learn about web-based tools that sales reps and business development rep (BDR) teams can use to better understand their buyers and create more qualified opportunities. The best part? The tools are free!

During the webinar, Kyle wanted to make sure that he didn’t promote his own company’s products. However, it was hard not to talk about their new tool, Prospector. Our attendees had a ton of questions about how to run their marketing campaigns with SalesLoft. All in all, the general consensus seemed to be that Prospector is almost too good to be true.

SalesLoft Prospector Tool: The Hottest New Tool in the Business

The Prospector tool lets you build quality lead lists, including contact info, on your own. Names, titles, etc are pulled directly from Google via LinkedIn. Yet the biggest bonus is that SalesLoft has the ability to pull email addresses and phone numbers in real-time. In a matter of seconds, clients get a completely targeted, high quality list of leads.

Prospector is also a major time saver for sales reps. Rather than having to manually enter in all of their leads, they can use the tool to import them directly to your

The Best Part

What I think is the coolest aspect of the Prospector tool, and an invaluable marketing idea, is that users are able to target a LinkedIn group that they are not a member of (cough — like your competitor’s LinkedIn user groups — cough). Prospector users can access all of the names of the people in that group, and then proceed to get everyone on that list’s contact information.

Sound a bit sketchy? It’s not. LinkedIn shares all of this information with Google — legally. SalesLoft’s tool simply helps you pull the information that LinkedIn has shared with Google.

What Are You Waiting For?

Sign up for the Prospector tool today, and build a multi-touch campaign with any LinkedIn group that is relevant to your company. Integrate calls, emails, and even direct mail, given that it makes sense for your buyer persona. However, a word of caution: if you choose to go with your competitor’s user group, do some research in order to capitalize on your competition’s weaknesses. Additionally, throw in an incentive for potential clients to transition to your product by the end of the year. Just refrain from trash talking your competitors, please; karma can be ugly.

Give Us Your Feedback!

This, my friends, is the best campaign idea that I’ve heard this year. If you end up testing Prospector out, I’d love to hear about your team’s results. Shoot me an email at and give me all the details!

Enjoy and thank you SalesLoft!

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