Survey of 360+ Tech Leaders Reveals Most Sought After Employee Benefits [Infographic]

Infographic by Anna Smith

In a time where candidates rule the job market, employers are finding themselves in constant competition for talent. One way many companies are differentiating themselves is through the benefits and perks they offer. In an effort to uncover what today’s most sought after benefits are in the world of tech, we surveyed ~400 employees spanning different functions, experience levels and working for companies ranging from early stage to late/enduring stage. Here’s what we found.

View full-size infographic here. 


Sarah Duffy
Sarah Duffy
Director of Talent

Sarah partners with OpenView’s portfolio companies to consult on recruitment strategy and to source and hire the top talent they need to scale their teams. Before joining OpenView, Sarah was Director of Recruiting at Betts Recruiting – a talent agency that specializes in pairing sales and marketing talent with software startups.
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