The Ultimate Talent and Hiring Resources Guide

February 7, 2017

Talent teams are the foundation of any organization, but one of the hardest to develop. Creating a world-class recruiting engine takes more than just assembling a few recruiters and opening the reqs. In order to hire and retain the best candidates, your team needs goals that are not only clearly defined, but aligned to your company’s mission. And, to execute effectively, you’ll need to put in place an effective process from end to end.

Best practices in the talent world have evolved over the years, and this guide is here to help you stay ahead of the pack. Within this resource, you’ll find innovative twists on sourcing along with articles on how to build the best in-house talent teams. The content comes from experts at OpenView and our friends at HubSpot, Smashfly, Insperity, Greenhouse, HR Open Source, LinkedIn and ERE Media.

Table of Contents

  • Employer Branding
  • Sourcing Top Talent
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Running an Effective Recruiting Process
  • Building a Killer In House Talent Team

Employer Branding

The Link Between Employer Branding and Employee Referrals
According to Glassdoor research, 61% of Glassdoor users report that they seek company reviews and ratings even before making a decision to apply. How do you stack up? Learn the benefits of setting up a referral program and how you can tap into a great pool of candidates through your existing team.

Looking For Top Talent? It’s Time To Think About Overhauling Your Employer Brand
Startups need to think about how they can differentiate themselves. At the end of the day, recruiting is about people and the companies who are the most genuine and upfront about their cultures will do the best.

Sourcing Top Talent

How & Why You Should Hire Sales Professionals Based On Potential Rather Than Experience
Finding that so-called perfect candidate often has a lot more to do with future potential than past experience. Find out how to recruit for what could be rather than what already is.

4 Super-Creative Alternative Recruitment Methods We Should All Learn From
Tinder? Medium? Snapchat? LinkedIn is a powerful tool, but your candidates are hearing from recruiters every. single. day. In the competitive job market of 2017, you need to amp up your creativity to reach new candidates. Here’s how.

A Crash Course in Inbound Marketing for Recruiters
Content should be the cornerstone of your inbound strategy – this is how you’ll be able to attract, convert, close, and delight candidates. By creating and sharing content, you’ll also open up dialogue and give candidates a way to engage with you. Check out this step by step guide from Greenhouse on setting an inbound strategy

The Best Hires Are Right Under Your Nose – Use This System to Never Miss Them Again
Referral programs are only the first step. In this article, Peter Kazanjay, co-founder of TalentBin (acquired by Monster), shares his take on to systematically identify and connect with your employees’ broader networks.

Interviewing Techniques

The Complete Guide to Cracking the BDR Interview Process
NetSuite’s BDR leadership hired 380 people in under 4 years. This presentation provides an in-depth guide to help you develop the right questions and processes so you too can build out an all-star team.

20 Of The Best Interview Questions For Sales Hires
A collection of favorite interview questions from some of the top minds in B2B sales – each designed to help you identify your company’s top performers.

Professional Recruiters Reveal 16 of the Best Interview Questions to Ask
The team at Insperity polled top recruiters to pull together a list of interview questions your talent team and hiring managers should be asking job candidates in order to make the smartest hires.

How to Conduct an Effective Job Interview
It’s a candidate’s job market right now. Learn the Dos and Don’ts to attract and sell top talent while collecting the information you need to make a decision.

Running an Effective Recruiting Process

The Recruiter’s Role in Running an Effective Recruitment Process
From sourcing top talent to negotiating the offer, and all of the steps in between, your Talent team plays a key role in getting the right hires in the door. It’s imperative that you understand what it takes to appropriately staff your team and ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Find out how here.

Why You Should Always Be On The Lookout For Top Talent: Stealth Recruiting At Hubspot
Mike Volpe, former CMO of HubSpot, is always on the lookout for top talent. In other words, always be recruiting. Find out how in this exclusive interview.

Hiring Hacks: How to Streamline Your Recruiting Process from Interviewing to Onboarding
SendGrid and Parklet provide ideas to help bridge the gap and create a seamless experience from interviewing to onboarding – everyone plays a role in making the candidate experience a success!

Building a Killer In-House Talent Team

How to Attract Top Recruiting Talent
In an increasingly competitive environment for technical talent, and with the average time to hire for software engineers now over 35 days at best, startups need to consider faster, more efficient strategies to recruit the best talent. Lem Diaz, Partner at GV, shares 5 strategies to help you build the in-house team you need to scale.

Why Building A Strong Recruiting Team Is So Hard (and How To Succeed Anyway)
Your recruiting team is the back-bone of your organization. Without the right talent to drive innovation and success, it’s likely that wider initiatives won’t succeed. The first critical team you have to build is your recruiting team. More here.

How To Scale Your Hiring: An Inside Look at ExactTarget’s Sales-Based Recruiting Model
From 500 to 2800 employees in just a few years – M.T. Ray shares ExactTarget’s secret to talent success. Find out from the source in this interview.

Want to learn more? Check out our guide to acquiring Top Talent.

Sarah Duffy

Director of Talent

Sarah partners with OpenView’s portfolio companies to consult on recruitment strategy and to source and hire the top talent they need to scale their teams. Before joining OpenView, Sarah was Director of Recruiting at Betts Recruiting – a talent agency that specializes in pairing sales and marketing talent with software startups.