Top 10 Marketing Tips of 2011

So far in our look back at the year that was, we’ve chosen our best recruiting and sales management tips from 2011.

This week, we turn out attention to marketing, with a listing of our most popular posts from the past year.

#1. Essential Marketing Skills for High-Tech Ninjas

Most young marketers will enter a company with some basic skills to get the job done. But as Senior Research Associate Tien Anh Nguyen writes, it’s up to YOU to turn them into marketing warriors.

#2. A How-to Guide for Google+

Even when it was only a few weeks old, online marketers and business representatives everywhere were eyeing the potential of Google+. In this post, Marketing Associate Amanda Maksymiw provides a fast guide for getting started with Google’s social media offering.

#3. Content Marketing in 60 Seconds

Have a minute? Check out this series of videos from OpenView Senior Advisor Joe Pulizzi for details on the many different flavors of a top-notch content strategy.

#4. Mobile Application Marketing Strategies: Dominating the Mobile App Store

How do you get more customers to literally hold your app in the palms of their hands? Tien Anh Nguyen outlines some proven marketing tactics in this post.

#5. 9 Manageable Personal Branding Tips

Sadly, there is no silver bullet to becoming a thought leader in a respective field. But as Amanda Maksymiw writes, there are plenty of simple tactics that can go a long way toward building your personal (and company) brand over time.

#6. Beyond the Basics: 4 Fresh Areas for New Marketers

For young companies where everyone wears multiple hats, it’s important for marketers to think outside the box. Tien Anh Nguyen shares four roles that smart marketers should hone in on.

#7. Hiring for Content: Top Skills to Target

While journalists and editors are ideal candidates for filling some of your company’s content gaps, not all writers are created equal. Marketing Associate Brendan Cournoyer explains why when it comes to content hires, some skills carry more weight than others.

#8. How to Identify Your Industry Influencers Quickly

Influencer marketing is a key component of any sound online marketing strategy. But how do you even find the best influencers in the first place? Amanda Maksymiw offers some simple tips for targeting the top industry influencers in your particular coverage area.

#9. Event Marketing Tactics to Stretch Your Budget

Don’t have room in the budget to formally sponsor the next big event? Research Analyst Brandon Hickie looks at five cool (and inexpensive) ideas for utilizing the event marketing channel that any young company can take advantage of.

#10. Top Content Marketing Challenges – Solved

A great content strategy is not without its share of hurdles. In this post, Amanda Maksymiw offers some tips for getting past the most common content marketing pitfalls.

For more great marketing tips from the OpenView team and others around the industry, check out our Marketing/Influence Channels topic page.

Brendan Cournoyer is an editor and Marketing Associate with OpenView Venture Partners. You can follow him on Twitter @BrenCournoyer and find more from the OpenView team @OpenViewVenture.

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