Which Web-Based Applicant Tracking System Do I Use?

After OpenView Venture Partners makes an investment, obviously that new portfolio company is looking to scale their business. More often than not, this comes in the form of building out their sales team. Very rarely are these newly acquired venture capital funds used to hire human resources or recruiting personnel. Although these hires would be nice, it’s not an immediate priority if you’re an expansion stage technology start-up. Building out your product and selling it is your main focus at that point.

Unless you have OpenView Labs to help out with recruiting, how would you expect to find additional help to build out and sell your product? How will you come across this dream Product Manager and Inside Sales Representative?

Your environment is overwhelming and hectic as it is. Having a web-based applicant tracking software is absolutely critical to finding the right people. It’s relatively low-cost and it streamlines your hiring process while reducing related headaches. The only question is which one do you go for?

A lot of the hiring managers I work with are constantly on the road. Having an old school, on-premise applicant tracking system doesn’t seem to make much sense given the circumstances. A web-based, SaaS solution would seem much more practical, but given the wide array of options out there, I’m not sure which ones would make the most sense for the expansion stage tech start-ups I work with.

Of course it always depends on certain elements such as the size of the company, price package, specific features needed, and so on. I’ve conducted a bit of research and found a fantastic comparative study by Kyle Lagunas at Software Advice, but would love to hear any of your thoughts and suggestions!

Victor Mahillon
Victor Mahillon
Director of Recruiting

Victor Mahillon is the Director of Recruiting at Kamcord. Previously he was a Talent manager at OpenView.
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