Video: Who Actually Competes with Slack?

There are two races happening in product-led growth today. 🏎🏎

Race 1: who will be the next Slack, Zoom or Datadog?

The lead contenders here include Notion, Airtable, Loom and Calendly. And since Calendly just announced $50M ARR, my money is on them 😏

Race 2: who will *enable* the broader product-led wave across the software industry?

This is exactly why Mixpanel released its “State of Product Analytics” report last week. πŸ“ˆ

The subtitle says it all: “How product teams around the globe are using data to drive product-led growth.”

Check out this week’s episode of PLG 123 for all this and more! πŸ‘€

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Blake Bartlett
Blake Bartlett

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