Adam Marcus

Managing Partner




Dartmouth College
MBA, Tuck School of Business

Franklin & Marshall College
BA, Psychology & Spanish


Instructure (IPO)
UnboundID (acq.)

Software is driving efficiency through every sector of the US economy and will continue to do so until all transactions and processes are managed by it.

I focus most of my time on application software, specifically vertical SaaS, and anything that deals with the migration of legacy industries to mobile.

Successful founders – on some level – are just plain crazy. They’re incredibly resilient, strong-willed, collaborative, driven, fantastic communicators and amazing recruiters. They impact the global economy. They inspire me to get up every morning…so do my children jumping on my back.

I’ve learned that great strategy doesn’t mean shit without great people. And transparency and honesty are key to any successful partnership – in life and in business.

At OpenView, we don’t just back companies, we back people. We operate as a team. We work out of one office. We have a singular focus. We help expansion stage companies grow into generational titans.

In 20 years, I’ll be older and grayer, but if I have my wish, I’ll hopefully be right here, doing the same thing.