Bonnie Lewis

Chief Financial Officer

Bonnie oversees the financial, legal and reporting aspects of the firm and funds.

From 1999 through 2009 she worked for Insight Venture Partners where she served as Finance Principal, initially on a full time basis and ultimately on a part time basis. She continues to work at the firm as a consultant in a part time capacity.

Previously, Bonnie was CFO of Genesis Park LP, a private equity firm in Houston, and also spent nearly 3 years as CFO of Capital Royalty LP, providing finance and SEC compliance services to this private equity, regulated investment advisor. In addition to her venture capital/private equity experience, Bonnie has over 20 years experience in accounting and taxation for several large CPA and commodities trading firms.

Get to Know Bonnie

Bonnie’s daughter is a high-level competitive gymnast, but Bonnie is more talented with a balance sheet than a balance beam.

She’d love to dine with Gil Hodges. Bonnie grew up in a major baseball-loving family. Her parents and grandparents were huge fans of the Brooklyn Dodgers, and her grandparents even owned a restaurant across from Ebbets Field where they served the Dodger players after games. When they moved to LA and the Mets were formed, her family just moved their allegiance to the Mets.

For those who don’t know, Gil Hodges was one of the most beloved members of the Brooklyn Dodgers and arguably one of the best first basemen of his era. While he moved to LA with the Dodgers, he returned to New York with the expansion draft of the Mets and played in their first season. He then went on to be their manager in 1968 and brought them from the basement to the top with the 1969 “Miracle Mets.”

What Does OpenView Mean to You?

OpenView’s mission is to improve people’s working lives. To me that means doing what I can to make people organized and informed, and doing the best I can to make it all seamless. I work with my team to set goals to make sure that employees have structure and process and that the LP’s have timely, correct, informative communications.