A Quick Example of Outbound Prospecting

September 9, 2010


Intronis wanted a better way to prospect and qualify key prospects and convert them into long-term customers. Its time-strapped sales team was focusing primarily on leads generated from inbound sources. Intronis wanted a process-oriented approach to outbound prospecting that was defined, repeatable, scalable, and successful.


Intronis and OpenView crafted a plan to staff, execute, manage, and measure the new outbound prospecting process and the regular interaction with the Intronis marketing and sales teams.


Sparked by the outbound prospecting process, Intronis’ sales to its target market doubled annually within six months and the approach and results continue to scale.

“Generating leads and picking the right targets is a challenge for any company. Immediately we saw that outbound would not only generate a high number of leads, but also the right quality of leads, and that’s what we wanted. The reconfirmation of our target market through conversations with users and buyers added to the success.” — Sam Gutmann, CEO, Intronis

Next week, I’ll share the definition of outbound prospecting and provide different examples of outbound prospecting programs.

Photo by: micadew