2015 Prediction: 3 B2B Sales Trends to Watch

Discover three trends set to play a major role in your B2B sales success in 2015.

The new year is here. Have you made your resolutions yet? If not, it’s time to swear off those stale, ineffective sales tactics and get ahead of the game. Here are three trends the best sales teams are staying on top of and utilizing to jump ahead of the curve in 2015.

1) Better CRM Adoption with Fewer Clicks

We all know that if it’s not in the CRM it didn’t happen. That’s great in theory, but the truth is there are likely all sorts of activities that aren’t being logged. Well, in 2015, say goodbye to your sub-par CRM adoption. Why? You no longer have an excuse. With the advent of tools like SalesVue, and with Hubspot rolling out their new CRM, it’s safe to say that managers will hear a lot less of, “I’ll take care of it…” and more of, “It’s all set.” These tools are made with the rep in mind — meaning fewer clicks, more automation, and more clean, up-to-date CRMs.

2) Trade Shows Are Making a Comeback

It’s happening — trade shows are going to be back and more effective than ever this year. And not because the booths are better. It’s because the reps are more aware than ever of how to best work a tradeshow. From prospecting speakers to using venue changes to your advantage, the exhibit floor is now fair game for hunting those enterprise deals.

3) The Rise of the BDR/SDR

Not only have business/sales development teams fully arrived, they are also officially here to stay. Inbound marketing is a key component of success for any company, but spinning up and scaling out those inbound efforts take time. Outbound prospecting is the buffer that companies need in order to keep their pipeline healthy, and more and more companies at the expansion stage are recognizing the value and importance of those teams. As the BDR and SDR profile shifts to focus on those recent graduates who are coachable, hardworking, and the ultimate prospecting stalker, it’s safe to say that the Class of 2015 will be welcomed into the workforce with open arms.

What trends do you see impacting B2B sales in 2015? Let me know in the comments below.

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