Calendly’s $350M Series B: We’re Just Getting Started

We are thrilled to announce that Calendly has closed a $350M Series B, led by OpenView.

Calendly has been a part of the OV family since our original investment in August of 2017. We’ve been consistently impressed by Calendly’s performance, and we’re beyond excited to deepen our partnership with this significant investment.

When we began working with Calendly’s Founder/CEO Tope Awotona, we were compelled by sheer size of the opportunity. Everyone hates the back-and-forth emails it takes to schedule a meeting. This universal pain point leads to a massive global market opportunity because meeting scheduling touches so many industries, use cases, and business processes. It even expands outside the professional realm to address my personal and prosumer use cases.

Calendly has a unique ability to penetrate this global market opportunity due to its highly efficient product led growth (PLG) strategy. Meetings and appointments are inherently viral, and Calendly’s PLG strategy leverages this virality to drive user acquisition.

With over 100 million meetings scheduled in 2020, Calendly is becoming ubiquitous as a product, and increasingly synonymous with scheduling and calendar management. Despite this massive success and the huge milestone that this Series B represents, we believe Calendly is just getting started.

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Blake Bartlett
Blake Bartlett

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