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Finance & Operations, P&G's eStore, and the Upcoming - Let the e-Race Begin!
E-commerce Stores for Everyday Items Start the Battle for Market Share First, there was, the go to site when...
by Jillian Mirandi
Finance & Operations
Who is Using Collaboration Software?
Is your organization efficiently utilizing collaboration software? Collaboration is a loaded term. It often combines concepts such as communication, coordination,...
by Tavish Mortimer
Finance & Operations
In Venture Capital, Experience Matters Also
Last week Firas Raouf, one of my peers in OpenView Partners, wrote a blog titled "In Venture Capital, Size Does...
by George Roberts
Finance & Operations
In Venture Capital, Size Does Matter
Silicon Valley Bank recently published a report that questioned whether smaller venture capital funds outperform bigger ones. Highlights of the findings include:...
by Firas Raouf
Finance & Operations
Can You Obtain Copyright Protection for Your Software's Graphical User Interface (GUI)?
  I think there are some useful nuggets for any expansion stage company or company looking for investors, even though...
by Jeremy Aber
Finance & Operations
Capital Efficiency and the Controlled Burn
There is a debate in venture funding circles that revolves around how an entrepreneur decides to approach building his/her company....
by Daniel Killeen
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If you are looking for investors, don't miss the latest on OpenView TV
If you are looking for investors, be sure to stay up to date on OpenView TV. Each week, we share...
by Amanda Maksymiw
Finance & Operations
4 Reasons to Register Your Software for Copyright Protection
Most people may not realize that there are 4 great reasons to register your software for copyright protection with the...
by Jeremy Aber
Finance & Operations
Revenue Retention Analysis: Creating the Cohorts
This blog post is about how to create cohorts for a billings/revenue retention analysis, and part of a series of...
by Vlad Djuric