PERSUIT and OpenView

OpenView Leads $20M Series A in PERSUIT: The Leading Enterprise Platform for Engaging Outside Counsel

Here at OpenView, we believe that software can improve people’s working lives and, as such, we’re happy to announce that we will be leading PERSUIT’s $20M Series A. More importantly, we’re thrilled to welcome Jim, Michelle, Frank, and the rest of the PERSUIT team to the OpenView family.

PERSUIT is an outside legal counsel procurement solution for global enterprises. On average, customers see 30% cost reduction on legal matters put through the PERSUIT platform, while also standardizing the procurement process across the enterprise.

General purpose procurement solutions aren’t flexible enough to handle legal matters, such as phase-by-phase pricing schemes. Today, more often than not, attorneys are running RFPs manually through emails, responding in Word docs, and collating results in spreadsheets. That is, if they’re running RFPs at all.

Now Legal Ops teams, and even attorneys themselves, can invite their preferred parties to the PERSUIT platform to automate their RFP process, source new vendors based on DE&I targets, and even run reverse auctions—all through a single platform.

Multinational companies like Novartis, Intel, Walmart, and Facebook already rely on PERSUIT to not only help save costs on a matter-by-matter basis, but also to standardize their outside counsel procurement and have a single source of truth for these cases globally. 

PERSUIT isn’t just creating a great product for legal teams, they’re leading a movement to vastly streamline the procurement of professional services.

Thank you Jim, Michelle, Frank, and the entire PERSUIT team for the opportunity to build a lasting company together. 

Jacob Suh
Jacob Suh
Venture Investor

Tim Keebler
Tim Keebler
Partner at OpenView

At OpenView, Tim focuses on identifying and executing new investment opportunities and helping those companies grow. Prior to OpenView, Tim was a Vice President at LLR Partners focused on partnering with B2B software companies. Prior to LLR, he was as an Associate at General Catalyst investing in growth-stage software companies. Tim began his career working for his dad’s commercial cleaning company, where he learned the ropes of entrepreneurship (as well as how to clean a toilet).
Scott Maxwell
Scott Maxwell
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