Scaling Sales Channels and Teams: The Ultimate SaaS Sales Resources Guide

Once dominated by relationships, sales today (especially SaaS sales) are equally propelled by technology. With the broad adoption of CRM, the rise of the sales tech stack, and the advent of social selling and other digital sales channels, the sales landscape has shifted dramatically.

This guide is here to help you get your sales operation up and running. We’ve curated a collection of articles on all things sales, from innovative twists on hiring sales talent to expert advice on how to build the best in-house sales teams and technology stack.

We hope this expert advice helps you on your journey towards building a world-class sales team.

Interviewing / Hiring Your Sales Team

  • How to Hire the Right VP of Sales for Your Startup: Sales leaders with a solid track record can be the hardest to hire. Before you start your search, you have to get clear on what you’re searching for. You may also want to consider some new interview approaches, all of which we outline in this article.
  • Ultimate Guide to B2B Sales and Hiring and Management: Whether you’re a first-time sales manager looking for leadership tips or you’re working out how to adapt to a remote sales life, we’ve got you covered. We also walk you through all the classic stuff, like hiring, compensation, onboarding etc.

Sales Coaching Dos and Don’ts

Scaling SaaS Sales

SaaS Sales Channels & Methodologies

Integrating Sales with Product-Led Growth

Shannon Curran
Shannon Curran

Shannon is the Director of Content Strategy at OpenView. She has a passion for telling compelling stories about technology that is changing the way people work and live.
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