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The Ultimate SaaS Sales Resources Guide

Special thanks to Kaila Fleisig for helping to compile this research.

Over the past decade there have been massive changes in the field of sales. Once dominated by relationships, sales is now propelled by technology. With the broad adoption of CRM, the rise of the sales tech stack and the advent of social selling, the landscape has shifted dramatically.

This guide is here to get you up to speed and help you stay ahead of the pack. You’ll find innovative twists on sourcing along with articles on how to build the best in-house sales teams and technology stack. The content comes from experts both at OpenView and sales leaders from some of the leading SaaS companies out there. Enjoy!

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Table of Contents

Interviewing / Hiring

How to Find, Interview, and Hire Great SalesPeople [22 Interview Questions Included]
To build a strong sales organization, it’s imperative to find great salespeople. And while no one size fits all, there are common characteristics of great salespeople listed in this article. With each characteristic the author, Alan O’Rourke, also includes a sample interview question to help you find the top salesperson for your organization.

Hiring Star Salespeople Isn’t the Best Way to Grow
You see Pareto’s Principle applied to sales all the time — the top 20% of a sales force produces 80% of a company’s revenues and margins — and it’s applicable in a variety of sectors. In B2B contexts, for example, rep performance in similar territories often varies by 300% between top and bottom quintiles, and in retail stores, selling productivity typically varies by a factor of three to four. So it’s no surprise that a company’s usual response to stalled growth is to hire more stars. But is that really the answer? Read on to find out.

Enterprise SaaS: If you must hire salespeople…
When hiring a “pure” salesperson isn’t always the right move…Read on to find out why this author thinks you’ll never truly need sales in SaaS.


Coaching the Coach: Key to Enabling the Sales Manager
Frontline sales managers are a great source of training content, which means managers themselves need to stay up to speed on the latest and greatest selling techniques. Learn more about coaching the coach.

Developing great sales managers: Four key sales management abilities
High performing sales teams are built on the foundation of great salespeople – those who consistently meet and beat their quotas. So, a successful sales manager must be constantly looking to recruit and hire talented sales professionals. The key to finding truly excellent talent? Nailing the in-person interview. Find out how in this article.

Compensation Plans

How to Build a Win-Win Sales Compensation Plan in 5 Simple Steps
For companies looking to build a high performance sales team, the need to recruit and retain top performers is critical. This is a simple 5 step framework for building a foolproof sales compensation plan.

SaaS Sales Compensation: How to Design the Right Plan
In this blog post, Matrix Partners GP David Skok explores how to design sales compensation plans that help drive the right behaviors.

Show Me the Money! A Guide to Creating a Scalable Sales Compensation Plan
Sales compensation is very often a delicate balancing act. Pay too little, and you will never be able to recruit (or retain) the kind of game-changing sales talent that fuels growth. Pay too much, however, and you will struggle to scale your sales organization as that growth occurs. This article will help you figure out how to get it just right.

Accurate Forecasting

How to Forecast Sales Accurately Every Time: An SME’s Guide
Forecasting plays an important role in numerous functions throughout your business, including resource allocation, supply chain management, cost of sales, sales strategy, and more. Learn how to forecast sales accurately every time in this post.

5 Strategies for More Accurate Sales Forecasting
Learn how to augment the art of sales forecasting with science in this must read post.

Sales Methodologies

7 Popular Sales Methodologies Summarized
Can’t get up to speed on 7 of the most popular sales methodologies? This guide provides a look at each to get  you in the know in no time.

The Top 10 Sales Methodologies You Should Consider for Your Business
Every business needs a sales methodology that best represents its product, values, market and goals. Here are the top 10 sales methodologies to consider as you embark on this path.

A Brief Guide to Sales Methodologies
From Conceptual Selling to SNAP Selling, get up to speed on the latest sales methodologies.

Bonus: Benchmarking Your Team

B2B AE Inside Sales Report
A 2017 report by the Bridge Group based 266 B2B technology companies focuses on the closing role (AE, ISR, etc.) of inside sales. Get the data here.

Liz Cain
Liz Cain

Liz Cain leads the firm’s Investment team and sits on the Investment Committee. Liz joined OpenView in 2016 to lead the Expansion Platform delivering recruiting, market insights and marketing/sales strategy services to our portfolio. Today, she manages the Investment team and focuses on developing the systems, processes and team to identify and win the best expansion stage software deals.
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