10 Most Popular Sales Insights from 2013

December 23, 2013

Whether your sales team managed to smash through your revenue targets or struggled to hit quota, these 10 posts will help you set the stage for a more confident and successful 2014. Get laser focused, stay motivated, and close more with less.

Whether your company’s sales team managed to smash through its revenue targets this year or struggled to hit quota, it’s always important to review your hits and misses, or strengths and weaknesses, and think about how you can improve and innovate going forward.

To help you do that, we’ve assembled the 10 most popular sales-themed posts from our site this year (ranked in order below), and encourage you to look through them as you begin to prepare and plan for what will hopefully be a very fruitful 2014.

Our Top Sales Insights from 2013

10) The Key to Avoiding Sales Burnout is Focusing on More than Just the Numbers

Sales_10As Q1 approaches, your sales team’s excitement about starting a new year with a clean slate will likely reach a fever pitch. If you focus on the wrong things, however, sales expert and consultant Jim Keenan warns that your reps’ newly rekindled fire will quickly fizzle out. Read more.

9) Inbound Marketing Alone Won’t Save Your Ass

Sales_9When we asked our Top 25 Influencers of 2012 to send us their predictions for 2013, sales coach and bestselling author Mike Weinberg came back with a doozy we just had to explore further, fueling a debate about the value of inbound marketing that raged on in the comments section. Read more.

8) Social Prospecting Won’t Replace the Cold Call — Yet

Sales_8As the social media population continues to grow, opportunities to leverage social networks as prospecting tools are increasing, as well. But just how valuable is social prospecting, and will it ever fully replace cold calling? Four of the sales world’s biggest influencers — Kendra Lee, Brian Carroll, David Steel, and John Kenney — weighed in and delivered a consensus answer. Read more.

7) How Many of 2013’s Make-or-Break Sales Predictions Came True?

Sales7At the beginning of the year, 22 influential sales leaders on the Web gave us their opinions on what the B2B sales world could expect in 2013. How many of those predictions came true, and will any of them carryover in to 2014? Read more.

6) 3 Words to Close More Sales

Sales_6Wondering how you can speed up the sales process and improve your close rate? Inside sales expert Mike Brooks explains why three simple words are the key to closing more sales by opening the door to your buyer’s thinking and process. Read more. 

5) Top 10 Ways to Motivate Sales Reps Without Money

sales_5Sure, money talks, but if you really want to inspire your reps to break through walls, you need to tap into something deeper. In this post, sales executive, educator, and entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman provides 10 creative ways to encourage and reward above-and-beyond performance. Read more. 

4) Top 10 Underappreciated Qualities of Great Salespeople

sales_4Are customers really expecting salespeople to be trusted advisors? Get real. In this post, sales executive, educator, and entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman discusses 10 underrated qualities that the best reps actually bring to the table. Read more. 

3) 25 Sales Influencers Who Made a Big Impact in 2013

sales_3With all of the content and thought leadership being published online today, it can be difficult to determine who the real experts are on the Web. Worry no more — we’ve got you covered with our 2nd annual list highlighting the most active and influential sales thought leaders online. Read more.


2) Solution Selling Is Dead: Why 2013 Is the Year of B2B Insight Selling

sales_2Like it or not, solution selling may be a thing of the past. In this post, Matt Dixon, author of The Challenger Sale, and Steve Richard, co-founder of Vorsight, explained why insight selling is the name of the game in B2B sales today, and provided tips for converting your salespeople into challengers. Read more. 



1) Remarkable Selling: 23 Quotes that May Change the Way You Think about B2B Sales

sales_1When we compiled our list of the Top Sales Influencers for 2013, we couldn’t resist asking some of the industry’s most insightful thought leaders to tell us what drives them. The result is this remarkable collection of inspirational sales quotes from experts including Jill Konrath, Jonathan Farrington, S. Anthony Iannarino, Mike Weinberg, and many more. Read more.

Thank you for making these our 10 most popular sales posts of the year.

What was your favorite sales article or takeaway of 2013? Let us know in the comments section below!

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