14 Ways to Close the Deal This Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2015

Courting a new sales deal seldom comes easy, especially if it’s a complex B2B deal. Finding and wooing the right buyer/decision-maker takes time and commitment, not to mention the right messaging, processes, and support.

If you really want to vie for their affection you need to be at the top of your game. To help, here are 14 tips from top sales experts (set to some classic love songs) to sweep your next prospect off their feet.

14 Ways to Close the Deal This Valentine’s Day

1) This first tip may seem counter-intuitive at first, but not all leads are true customer material, and the sooner you give the tire-kickers the boot, the sooner you can focus on prospects with real potential. Learn how to quickly determine “If This Is It” and the best way to Break Up with Bad Sales Leads.

2) Looking for a “Little Less Conversation”? Inside sales expert Mike Brooks explains why one short, simple question is the key you need to cut to the chase with 3 Words to Close More Sales.

3) You’ve got a big sale in process that would absolutely make your quarter. The problem? It’s lost momentum and is going nowhere fast. It’s time to “Bring Sexy Back” with three tactics for applying some juice and closing the deal in 3 Ways to Jump-Start a Stalled Sales Opportunity.

4) Over-promising may help you close a deal, but it’s also the quickest way to ensure there “Ain’t No Sunshine” when it comes time for your customer to renew. Keep your clients and your finance team happy by learning how to Make Your Sales Team a Solution to High Churn Rate, Not the Problem.

5) As a first-time sales manager, you may be used to hitting your own goals and hearing “Nothing Compares 2U,” but now you’re responsible for your entire team’s performance. If you plan on rising to the challenge here are 4 Tips to Help Your Entire Team Crush Your Numbers.

6) Having trouble breaking through to a prospect? Sometimes the best move is going straight to the top. Tell a top executive why “It Had to Be You” with this Perfect Playbook for Calling the C-Suite.

7) Sales reps are already hard at work fighting against stereotypes. Rather than play into them, avoid cliche “The Way You Make Me Feel” lines. These three successful alternative approaches to prospecting calls are proof You Don’t Need to Flirt with Your Sales Leads.

8) Multitasking is one of the hardest habits to break for sales professionals. Don’t be a “Part-time Lover.” This sales prioritization strategy can actually help you learn How to Sell More by Doing Less.

9) It doesn’t take long to get burnt out and discouraged from going to trade shows. After a few long days of meaningless mingling in over-crowded convention halls, it can be hard to find motivation to go to them. Discover the tips you need to get back out there and “Work It” on the trade show floor in this episode of Strictly Sales with Jeff Hoffman: How to Work Trade Shows.

10) There’s plenty of hype around social selling these days and, frankly, Mike Weinberg is sick of hearing it. Learn why he’s dead set on dispelling social selling myths because they’ve “Lost That Loving Feeling” (and can even be flat-out dangerous). See Bursting the Social Selling Bubble and 10 Signs You’re Doing Social Selling Wrong.

11) Is your sales playbook causing a “Love Hangover” and bringing your reps down? Is it cluttered with arbitrary documents, stored on some random hard drive? Join Jeff Boissoneault as he shares tips to Give Your Sales Playbook a Massive Makeover.

12) Do you want to find your “Lady in Red” and identify your ideal SaaS sales model? Determines who you should be targeting and which levers to pull for SaaS success in Is Your SaaS Sales Model in the Red?

13) Would you honestly “Dance with Somebody” on your sales team without taking the proper onboarding steps? The Bridge Group’s Trish Bertuzzi has A Better Way to Ramp Up New Sales Hires.

14) Now that you’ve won a few deals it’s time to stop spending all your time chasing new customers and start nurturing the ones you have. Convince them, “Let’s Stay Together” by Reversing Your Funnel to Turn Customers into Advocates.

Bonus: Spice Up Your Prospecting Efforts

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