Market Research
What I Learned at SaaStr from Leading Enterprise Software Experts
I had the pleasure of attending the SaaStr Annual 2016 Conference in San Francisco earlier this month and wanted to...
by Rene Miller
Market Research
One Size Fits None: The Myth of ‘The Average Startup’
Have you heard of The Average Startup? The Average Startup, statistics tell us, receives $1.5M in funding and gets itself...
by Mike Baker
Building the Workforce for the Future: 16 Smart Inside Sales Trends in 2016 [Infographic]
We’re back with our annual trend report -- check out last year's here -- and the theme for 2016 is all...
by Josiane Feigon
Market Research
Test Your Startup Idea: A List that Took Me 8 Years to Develop
Why is it important to test your startup idea? Picture this: You’re about to embark on a trip and are...
by Dave Nevogt
Market Research
Emerging Tech Roundup: Curt Savoie on the Future of Open Data
Once again, we’re excited to bring you the Emerging Tech Roundup, a new podcast series launched in partnership with Boston-based Blue...
by Kyle Lacy
Market Research
The Zenefits Guide to Disrupting & Dominating a Vulnerable Market
Zenefits has been getting a lot of attention lately. Some of this is for the large amount of money it...
by Steven Forth
How to Think about Branding During a Merger or Acquisition
Mergers and acquisitions are hard. They are complicated. They are fraught with details, decisions, and innumerable contingencies. From financing to...
by Douglas Spencer
Communications & Branding
What an Acquisition Would Mean to the Salesforce Brand: 4 Questions for Marc Benioff has been at the center of a whirlwind of speculation, with rumors that Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, SAP or even...
by Douglas Spencer
Market Research
How a Small Startup Landed Yelp as a Big-Brand Partner
Long before the Socrata team picked up the phone to pitch Yelp, they had already logged an impressive number of...
by Blake Harris